Local Essentials
May 27, 2024

Co-op Essentials is the place to find your local essentials. Locally owned by Co-op members (like you, perhaps) and dedicated to stocking our shelves with locally sourced products – could we be any more local?!

At Co-op Essentials, we support local farmers, ranchers and manufacturers who grow, raise and produce our food. We’re working with local suppliers to provide quality local products to our customers. Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality meats and innovative food products? They're all right here in Western Canada, and we've sourced the best for you.

Check out these Local Essentials, made in B.C., the next time you’re in-store:


Made with love by Terra Breads in Vancouver, B.C., this granola packs a wholesome, healthy crunch. It will inspire your tastebuds and ignite your love for artisan products. Available in four flavours: Oat Crunch, Four Seed, Cranberry Hazelnut and Coconut Almond.

CO-OP GOLD PURE® Wild Sockeye Salmon

With a rich, buttery texture and bold flavour, Co-op Gold Pure Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets are a surefire way to impress your dinner guests. The fish products are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), thanks to the sustainability practices of Odetta Enterprises Ltd., the British Columbia-based fishery that produces Co-op Gold Pure Wild Sockey Salmon. It’s sustainable, healthy and delicious!


Not only is Co-operative Coffee delicious and made with the highest quality arabica beans, it’s roasted by our master roaster in Richmond, B.C., who perfects each blend for a smooth sip every time. Available in a variety of blends, including fair trade and direct trade options.

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