Our Essentials
May 27, 2024

When you shop at Co-op Essentials, you’ll find high-quality products that are priced to help you save every day. From tried-and-true staples to innovative products, our curated selection of Co-op-branded items will keep you coming back for more. With a little bit of something for everyone, Our Essentials might just become your essentials.


Get inspired with the extensive range of CO-OP GOLD products. New products and new flavours make everyday living more enjoyable. Co-op proudly collaborates with its suppliers and works to source products from Western Canada whenever possible.


Every product has a story. This story starts at the source, with clean and simple ingredients produced and manufactured largely right here in Western Canada. CO-OP GOLD PURE products provide exceptional quality and value due to small-batch productions, offering natural and healthy options for any lifestyle.


Shop smart and get the most for your dollar with CO-OP ¢ENTSIBLES, a diverse product range of everyday essentials. Products are practical, value-oriented and versatile, making them the perfect additions to your favourite everyday meals.


CO-OPERATIVE COFFEE is infused with passion from beans to brewing. Premium blends are carefully roasted in B.C. from sustainable sources, to create the perfect cup for you every day. The product line offers choice beans from around the world, including those from fair trade and direct trade sources, as well as organic and decaffeinated options.


A dragon is traditionally associated with water in many Asian cultures. In China, a dragon can represent good fortune, as can the colour red. LUCKY DRAGON offers quality products and delivers an authentic experience to celebrate Co-op’s world food offerings. Jasmine rice is one of the main staples of the brand, which includes other products such as coconut milk, soya sauce ¬¬¬and rice noodles.


Experience authentic Southeast Asian flavours with VADIYA. The tastes and aromas of India come alive with a growing list of items, including Basmati Rice, spices, and naan. And if you’re curious about the meaning behind the name: vadiya is a slang word for “great” in Hindi/Punjabi.

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